Gambling in Cricket

People say gambling is wrong, but for everyone, it is not necessarily bad as it is shown and told. At least the cricket lovers of Indians think the same. They think differently about cricket than in other countries. Let’s know something more about gambling in cricket.


Cricket is a game that is played with balls and bats. In India, people like crickets than any other game or better say they are just crazy about it. There are many formats of crickets like test cricket, 50-50 ODI matches, 20-20 and now the most recent 10-10 overs have also come. These games also play a very important role in gambling.

Some Important Gambling Occasions in Cricket:


The full form of IPL is the Indian premier league. There are many teams from different states and cities in India. This is a 20-20 match format league and in this league, the players of other countries take part and play from the side of Indian states and cities. On many occasions, players of the same country play against each other.

In this format, the players are to be bought by the different owners of the different teams. Some players are bought at the highest price and some players do not get my buyers.

T-20 World Cup:

This league is also very popular for gaming. In this tournament cricket trams of different countries take part. The betting amount and number of people increased when India plays against Pakistan.

World Cup

This is also one of the most important leagues for gambling lovers. In this tournament all cricket teams of different countries take part. This tournament held every four years.

Gambling in Cricket:

Just like other games cricket is also a great attraction for Hamlin lovers or better say people in India so gambling more in cricket than any other game.

Before some years the process of gambling in cricket in India was mainly done offline, but nowadays online betting sites are emerging in Numbers which shows how much gambling is done in India also these days, even when betting of gambling is not legal on India.

In cricket, there are many options for betting. Most betting is done against the winning or losing some particular teams but people also bet for each ball bowled, each scored run, each wicket, etc. Fifty or hundred for particular players are also on top while gambling in cricket.

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