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Which are the casino games that became more popular this year?

Except for the qq online there are a couple of other surprises in the list with the top played games during this year. See the most preferred casino products in the 2020 year.

2020 was a crazy year. And it still is. Although there’s still a little bit of time to end there are already a couple of complete trends we can talk about regarding the casino market in the 2020th year. For example, one of the most curious questions about it is the pack of casino games that have become totally popular and often played in comparison to the previous year. And we have the winners.

Here are the new favorite casino games of the 2020 year. You will be surprised by some of the titles listed below. But hence, let’s have a look at them:

  1. Roulette. 2020 was kind of the year that made it possible for this game to come back at the international online gambling arena. It was only two years ago when the casino software providers were confident about claiming that no new roulette games are optimal to be made in future. Well, it seems that roulette has a quite new audience where both – newbies and experienced players participate.
  2. QQ online. The Asian gambling product is nowadays highly appreciated by players from the local websites and those that are based outside of the continent. The easy gameplay of this casino experience is appreciated, while the promised high profits per session is a guarantee for the perfect match between fun and cash flow.
  3. Omaha poker. If we should consider which poker format was the top preferred and played one during the last couple of months and mentioning only the internet market we should pick up Omaha. Texas Hold Em poker players seem to have been attracted by the idea to try something new and probably, they have moved to Omaha section, too.
  4. Viking-styled slot machines. All slots have been very popular these days. But the retro fruit machines are left behind by the intriguing and dynamic gameplay we are used to see in the Vikings slot machine gameplay. According to the latest predictions, more than 100 titles from this slot category are going to be released during the first half of the next year.
  5. Keno. The other new popular game of the year is the old but gold Keno. We have known the game for a long time, but the truth is that we haven’t seen such success of this gambling product ever before. Today, 10% of the newly customers in the online casinos are here either for Keno specifically, or with no certain favorite game, but with a whole list of them where Keno is added, as well.

What was your favorite and most preferred casino game of the year? Share with us why you have put it on a pedestal and how profitable 2020 was for you!

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