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Why Gambling is Associated with Crime?

Gambling in Casino, racecourse and street fight all are thinking like a crime. Though these events I mentioned are somewhere legal and somewhere they are illegal. Most of the movies and cinemas create an image that casinos and gambling are crime and all criminals are live there. But the whole concept is not right. Because once upon a time all casinos and gambling businesses are controlled by mafias. Not only mafias, but some illegal jobs are also done in the casino and those are as follows.

Monetary Exchange:

From the past, it is going on. When a bank robbery or some illegal monetary exchange happens then to be safe those criminals lend all their money into the casino, play whatever they want and fulfil their personal wish. The casino has special machines to check money which is only available at the casino only.

Mob Involvement:

Mafias were controlling these casinos for their own shake. Now a day that domination get reduces. American country Las Vegas was once a place of the mafia. They made this city a sin city with the help of unlimited money. The mafias also took money from famous contractors and builders who were willing to make their own casinos and used that money for themselves.

Modern Links:

Mafia had gone for a long time then why the image of casinos and gambling is still unhealthy for society? The reason is corruption. Now every corner of the earth, officers are corrupted. They took a huge amount from the public by some promising jobs and use that money in the casino. Thus in just one hour, they turn down all the black money into white. Cops and FBI captured so many scams but there are still some who are freely spending their lives.


There are two types of casinos are going on. One is legal which is in front of us and another one obviously illegal casino which is controlling by the underworld. Whenever a normal person wants to play casino then he must be aware of the legal and illegal. It will be good to play with your friends but never get involved with strangers. Unconsciously, they can bring danger to your life and professional career. I am telling these because of a lot of gentle people suffering in jail and court due to one mistake. Always go for the legal one. Be safe, play safe. Thank you.

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