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Sports Betting

All the sport betting myths at one place – read this on mandatory!!!

Here are all the debunked myths about sport betting in Judi Bola. Check them out right away.

Judi Bola online is a real mainstream within the contemporary gambling industry. According to the specialists, sport punters represent about 52% of the global gambling audience. Every day we see novices entering leading and competitive betting websites to start their careers and it’s tough to believe that the trend is going to be ended.

We see, though, the betting audience’s awareness increasing in a direct ratio to the growth of the sport gambling popularity. Is it possible in a world that is driven by the massive source of information, the internet people to be still deluded by weird myths? The facts show us that it’s totally possible. For this purpose we have gathered almost all of the sport betting myths at one place especially for you:

  • For a betting house, the integrity of sports appears second to gain big income. No such a thing, because the integrity is the life-saving element in betting and sports.
  • The bookies tend to fix the events in order to win what they want to win. Actually, a fixed match means a loss for the betting house.
  • The bookmakers are the best sources for money laundry. As a matter of fact, they are those financial institutions that are put on some of the hardest anti money laundry measures ever.
  • If you are sure for a certain bet, you can place as much as you want on it. There’s a global system all the bookies follow in order to prevent such a possibility by implementing individual maximum bet limits.
  • There’s no win when betting on the favorites. There is and it might get huge if you follow the moneyline in the games with the biggest favorites and to apply it sparingly.
  • Judi Bola is the best alternative for betting online. It might be the most popular one, but it also hides lots of risks. As a matter of fact, there’s an on-going rumor that the pros in the field tend to mostly place bets on exotic disciplines like darts, cricket and chess.
  • The successful prediction requires only the fine estimation of each player’s condition and performance before the game. The entire team’s game as a team is a factor, too, but what about the weather conditions, the recent speculations in the sport discipline?
  • Following the crowd is a guarantee to get a bit of cash. Actually, the opposite strategy will bring you some money. In some cases, if you are experienced enough punters you might even catch the promo win.
  • Betting strategy is more important than the knowledge in the field of the discipline you are placing a bet on. Both matters equally. Plus – you cannot build up a tactic for betting on a certain discipline without knowing its rules and specifications, right?
  • There are just moments of bad luck and they are all that matter for my betting. These moments have nothing to do with your luck. In a lottery, maybe, but not in betting when thinking is more important.

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