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Mysteries, superstitions and rituals related with poker game

Find out some curious stories about rituals and superstitions related with good luck at poker ace99. Check out what people do and believe when it comes to win at a poker game.

The first people who started talking about the successful rituals for more luck during a poker cash game or a massive poker tournament are, as a matter of fact, Asians. Since the huge impact of the local poker companies over the entire global industry started the topic about mysteries and superstitions in poker activity has become actual and interesting.

But don’t get us wrong. Asian players are not the only players who make something for luck before they login poker ace99. Since the existence of poker game (and gambling games in general) in different countries different communities have established their own rituals for luck and more profits. As to the superstitions, after a research of ours we have discovered some really curious cases and intriguing stories about the mysterious poker aura we can all either attract or repel.

Did you know these rituals for luck before starting playing?

  • Gamblers from all over the world, including poker lovers, believe that the more previous gems and stones you wear the bigger your profit is. We can definitely confirm that, because no luxurious casino remains with any guests dressed up with diamonds and gold from top to bottom.
  • Gambling is not exactly a thing that religious leaders love, but there are still people who light a candle and say a prayer before going to a poker tournament.
  • About 10% of the biggest poker pros from the internet market admit they read their daily horoscope before signing in the platform they use for gambling. Half of them say they sometimes even refuse playing any gambling games in case the “stars” tell them not to.

The weirdest casino superstitions we have heard about:

  • There’s a big group of American casinos that have banned singing and whistling. It’s due to the superstition according to which such sounds bring an extremely bad luck inside the casino.
  • Even the most exquisite female gambler avoids crossing her legs at a poker table, because everyone knows how bad luck such a posture brings during a gambling session.
  • There are casinos that have two entrances – a main one and underground gate. The underground gate entrance is twice more expensive, because there’s also a superstition according to which entering the casino from the main entrance brings bad luck.
  • Hugo Boss has been considered as the luckiest casino brand. According to a research this is the fashion trademark gamblers love. If you enter a real casino and go to a randomly selected poker table, you will see that nearly 60% of the players wear something with Hugo Boss Brand logo.

What about you? Do you believe in poker superstitions? Do you have your own rituals for luck before a gambling session? Share with us, please, it would be curious to hear it!

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